Since I graduated as Master of Science 1975, I have spent all my working time dealing with analysis of structures, as analyzer, team-leader and project leader. Most of the tasks have been for steel, concerning both static and dynamic problems, covering both linear and non-linear problems. This makes me suitable for dealing with any kind of analysis. In most cases the tool used is a FEM-software.

The latest 15 years have been dedicated to fatigue in load carrying welded structures such as those in Construction Equipment. Here I have been involved in the development of new ideas concerning both methods in how to carry out analysis and further how to transfer these results into the production department and work shop. This work is described in my licentiate thesis (see Papers & Ref) but also in IIW guidelines and of course, the new standard for weld quality levels (at Volvo CE).

In summary I can be of help in most design cases setting up rules, introduce methods but also carry out analysis directly on structures.

My fee is 120 Euro/hour, taxes & travelcosts excluded.


I have developed (stand-alone) APP's in Matlab, which make quick and easy fatigue analysis. They operate on PC's under Windows 10. Both APPs are used in a 2-day training course: see under "Networking" at the hompage of Weld On Sweden !

WeldOptimizer, v2.2

This App is a help tool for design and analysis of fillet welds, where weld parameters (throat and gap-penetration) can be varied for plate thicknesses 5-30 mm. Read more in the PDF to the right.

Price is 300 Euros for a single PC-user at one site, one company. For extra licenses, a falling scale is used down to 100 Euros per PC. A free demo-version with limited date can be tried, see contact below.

WeldJointAnalyzer, v1.6

In this App, nominal stresses can be applied to 18 different weld joints and translated into local stresses using the Effective Notch Stress approach (ENS). The notch-radius is default 1 mm but can be altered to 0.30 or 0.05 mm. A 2-dim FE-model assuming plane stress is automatically built and analyzed giving the resulting ENS-results presented in graphs along with computed fatigue life. Read more in the PDF to the right. 

Price is 700 Euros for single PC-user at one site, one company and with a falling scale down to 100 Euros for extra PC's. A free demo-version with limited date can be tried, see contact below.


phone:     +46(0)706-303532